graduate fashion week 2019

hannah stote’s graduate collection, a siren’s call, was shown at graduate fashion week 2019 as part of the Bath Spa University show. it was then selected for the ‘best of’ show at the end of GFW19 AND was featured in the gala show alongside 28 other graduates. 

the collection also was awarded the catwalk knitwear award, recognising it’s innovative approach to knitwear ‘showing an appropriate use of colour, texture, yarn and silhouette.’ a siren’s call was also runner up for the george catwalk to store award.

all pieces of a siren’s call can be reproduced on a made-to-order basis. commissions inspired by pieces in the collection can also be made.

a siren's call, look by look

look 1 – machine knit blue and white plait knit dress, 100% british wool. Hand knit chunky roving scarf, 100% british wool (including blue leicester, shetland and corridale roving)

look 2 – hand knit chunky cable jumper, 100% wool. machine knit lace trousers, 100% british wool, with chunky roving weaving (shetland)

look 3 – machine knit loop knit dress, 100% lambswool, with chunky roving weaving (shetland and merino)

look 4 – machine knitted and felted knit jumper, 100% british wool with reclaimed fibre weave details. machine knitted lace wrap skirt, 100% british wool, with chunky roving weaving (corridale and shetland)

look 5 – machine knit jumper dress, 100% british wool with lambswool elements. weave details are from reclaimed charity shop jumpers. 

look 6 – machine knit cable. plait and hand weave detail coat, 100% british wool. weave detail on back is comprised of chunky wool roving from blue leicester, shetland, corridale and merino wool sheep.